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VCP Value Calculator

VCP Value Calculator 

Fill in the left column starting with Device Counts, then the amount you spend on your current communication costs. The calculator will fill in any nationwide averages, which you can overwrite. Then, the calculator will determine the costs with your current method and compare them with our VCP Program method.

Device Counts
Total number of Phone Handsets (desktop telephones) in your business:
Total number of Users who should or will want to use their PC and Phone together to increase efficiencies:
Your Monthly Communication Costs
(external costs – payments to vendors)
About how much do you spend each month on local, LD, Internet, Alarm Services
How much on monthly Cellphone, Smartphone, Tablet, and Wireless Hotspot Data Services
What about on Website & Email Hosting, MSExchange Services, Backup Services
On Phone System Maintenance
(internal costs – money paid/lost internally)
Your A/P can’t make sense of the crazy fluctuating bills – A/P internal costs incease:
You have a service problem and your many vendors are pointing fingers at each other, add:
You need some changes but you waste your time managing your multiple vendors, add:
Avoided Costs (you do pay these now)
These are real costs you have right now, that will be avoided if you improve your technology.
Old Inefficient Call Routing costs you this amount each month:
Not having Unified Messaging costs you this amount each month:
Missing out on new operator functions costs you this amount each month:
By not having Computer Telephony Integration, it costs your business this amount each month:


















Compare The Results

Your Current Method
Your Current Monthly
Communications Costs: $???.??
Includes Old Type Local Calling, LD Calling, Internet, Cellular*, Alarm & Security, Web Hosting, Email Services, File Backup, Maintenance, Internal costs, and…
Because of your outdated communication systems you ALSO pay this “avoidable” expense each month:
Amount you will spend over the next 60 months: $
VCP Program Method
Your Monthly Vendor Consolidation Program Cost: $???.??
Includes Enhanced Local Calling, North America Calling, Enhanced Redundant Internet, Cellular*, Enhanced Alarm & Security, Web Hosting, Email Services, Local and Remote Backup, Maintenance, Internal costs,
  • One Company to Call for Everything
  • Simplified & Consolidated Billing
  • Redundant & Failover Services
  • Expanded Telecom Services
  • Cloud & Managed Services
  • New Voice & Data Systems
    valued at: $???.??
Amount you could spend over the next 60 months: $


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