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WiFi Dongle for Deskphones

WiFi Deskphones

SO… you would like to have some Deskphones working in another part of the building, but there are no data cat5 cables run over there.  What can you do?
Several of our MPVEX VoIP phones do in fact have WiFi capabilities when you add the WiFi Dongle.  We all would prefer the reliability and maxed bandwidth of Cat5e cables, but in certain circumstances a phone that can be quickly added to the network via WiFi is a very happy alternative.
Let’s go over how it works…

First, you will need to have WiFi installed in your area of course, and the correct phone.  Right now, the WiFi USB Dongle supports the following:

Yealink SIP-T27G/ T29G/ T46G/ T48G/ T41S/ T42S/ T46S/ T48S/ T52S/ T54S – 
  • For T48G: upgrade to the version of or higher  
  • For T29G/T46G/T46S/T48S: upgrade to the version 81 or higher 
  • For T27G/T41S/T42S: upgrade to the version of x.81.0.110 or higher
What is the WiFi Dongle and what does it do?
The Wi-Fi USB Dongle WF40 is a low-power, small form factor device that can be implemented within offices for seamlessly connecting their IP phones to available wireless networks. This dynamic plug-and-play style USB device is an ideal office networking solution for companies—particularly, smaller organizations—seeking affordable, convenient and reliable high-speed wireless connectivity. 
Its supported by a powerful transmission rate of 150 Mbps and the solution can quickly and reliably establish Wi-Fi connectivity so that your users can optimally communicate, collaborate, access pertinent documents and resources and more. Wi-Fi USB Dongle WF40 is safe, reliable and easy deployment, which guarantees a flexible and optimal user experience. Even more, Wi-Fi USB Dongle WF40 is compliant with the IEEE802.11n and IEEE802.11b/g standards, maximizing reliability and throughput.
Installation of the WF40 dongle and connecting to WiFi is very simple  
Before setting up wireless, it is important to note that the IP phone ONLY has the power adapter connected; NO Ethernet cable (either wired Ethernet or Ethernet over Power) should be connected as this will automatically disable the Wi-Fi functionality on the Yealink T4x phone and the user will not be able to configure their wireless network information on the device.
You will also need to know both your SSID (Wi-Fi Network Name) & Wireless Password/Key. 
Note: The Wi-Fi password encryption on the Wi-Fi router MUST be either be set to WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK, in order for the Wi-Fi dongle to connect to the secured network.
To Install and connect to a Wireless Network:
  1. Insert the Wi-Fi USB Dongle WF40 into the USB port on the back of the phone when the phone is in the idle state. The touch screen will prompt: ‘Wi-Fi adapter connected. Scan for available Wi-Fi networks?’
  2. Tap the ‘OK’ button. The IP phone will toggle the Wi-Fi to on and search for available wireless networks in your area.  When the scan is completed, you will see a ‘Scan’ soft key on the screen; this can be pressed to re-scan available Wi-Fi networks.
  3. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the desired wireless network (SSID) on the screen, to connect to it, and press the OK button.
  4. If the network is secure, you will receive a Wi-Fi Password field to enter the password/key; enter the password here.
  5. Once the connection has completed successfully, the prompt ‘Connected Successfully’ appears at the end of the desired SSID.
To Disable the Wi-Fi Feature on the IP Phone:
To disable Wi-Fi feature, do one of the following
  1. Tap ->Basic->Wi-Fi. Mark the Off radio box in the Wi-Fi field.
As you start using your phone, if you notice some choppy audio or have some noise,  confirm the distance between the dongle and your Wi-Fi access point is less than 150ft and there are not a lot of walls/x-ray machines/large electronic devices in between them.
All in all, the WiFi dongle is a quick and easy solution in certain situations. If you’d like a price for converting your phone to WiFi, let us know…
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