Cellular Redundant Analog Backup

High-quality, wireless phone service with no need for broadband or landline connections is a good redundant backup solution for  your IP-PBX durning short outages of your network. Several carriers can convert analog telephone signals to wireless voice traffic on their networks.

Metropark will plug new or existing landline pots phone ports from your IPPBX into the appliance device to start making calls on the cellular network.  During phone trunk outages from your main telco  provider, this is a welcome source for a backup solution. 

The device supports just about any digital or analog phone you may already be using, including cordless phones with multiple handsets, so there’s no need to buy anything new and you can keep  your same phone number.

The device has built-in GPS to support 911 calling, and battery backup so your service stays up even when the power goes down

Features include:

Appliance converts analog telephone signals to wireless voice traffic on the cellular network. Customers can port their existing number or activate a new one, and the device supports standard analog/digital phones.

Benefits to the customer include:

Savings – Low cost home phone replacement
Simplicity – Plug the device into an existing landline
Versatility – No need for new equipment, because device supports almost all digital or analog phones your customer might be using
Efficiency – Customer can port their existing number and only pay one bill