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MPVEX Directory


Using local, remote, and company-wide directories on your MPVEX deskphone, softphones, or webphone offers several important benefits that cater to different needs within an organization:

Local Directory

Personalized Contacts
The local directory is typically stored on the individual user’s device, such as a deskphone or webphone. It allows users to store and manage their personalized contacts, including frequently dialed numbers, colleagues’ extensions, and important external contacts.

Quick Access
Having a local directory enables quick access to frequently dialed numbers without the need to manually dial each time. Users can simply select contacts from the directory, saving time and effort.

Since the local directory is specific to each user, it offers a level of privacy for personal contacts and preferences. Users can manage their contacts independently without affecting others in the organization.

Remote Directory

Centralized Management
The remote directory is stored on a centralized server or cloud-based platform within the organization’s network. It allows for centralized management of contacts across multiple devices and users.

By accessing a remote directory, users can ensure consistency in contact information throughout the organization. Updates or changes made to contacts are reflected across all devices, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Access Anywhere
Remote directories can be accessed from various devices, including deskphones, webphones, softphones, and mobile apps. This flexibility allows users to access their contacts regardless of their location or device.

Company-Wide Directory

Comprehensive Contact Database
The company-wide directory contains contact information for all employees, departments, and important organizational contacts. It serves as a comprehensive database accessible to all users within the organization.

Efficient Communication
Having a company-wide directory streamlines communication by providing easy access to colleagues’ extensions, departmental contacts, and key personnel. Users can quickly find and reach out to the right individuals or teams.

Integration with Communication Systems
Many modern communication systems integrate the company-wide directory with other communication tools such as email, instant messaging, and collaboration platforms. This integration enhances communication workflows and facilitates seamless connectivity across different channels.

By leveraging local, remote, and company-wide directories on your deskphone or webphone, you can enhance communication efficiency, improve contact management, ensure data consistency, and facilitate seamless collaboration within your organization. These directories cater to different levels of contact management and accessibility, meeting the diverse needs of users across the organization.