Metropark & AT&T Installment Billing

(This is an addendum to the AT&T Wireless Customer Agreement)
Metropark provides AT&T Wireless Services through AT&T’s Partner Exchange program.  This allows customers to receive AT&T services at lower prices and simplified billing, through Metropark Vendor Consolidation Provider services (VCP).  
As part of Metropark agreement with AT&T Wireless Services, customers may bring their own approved device or a one-time purchase of a new device from Metropark.  Customer may also decide to purchase a new device over 24 months or 36 months using AT&T Installment agreement, billed through Metropark’s VCP billing. 
Customer agrees that each device purchased with an AT&T Installment agreement will be paid to Metropark the amount quoted over the requested term. Customer may pay the remaining balance to Metropark at anytime during the Installment term. The installment price is only for the hardware device and is competely separate from any wireless services provided by Metropark or AT&T.
Customer without a valid tax exempt status will be charged taxes as applicable. Monthly Charges do not include applicable taxes, Pay Per Use charges, or certain additional charges such as State and Federal Universal Service Charges, Regulatory Cost Recovery Fee and other surcharges. Please visit to view the estimates of the additional charges that may apply for customer’s area. Customer’s first month's statement will include a one-time activation fee or upgrade fee (unless waived), prorated monthly charge, monthly installment if applicable, as well as one month's charge in advance. If corporate discounts should be applied, they may be applied on customer monthly bill. 
If customer has purchased an iPhone, customer also agrees that use of the iPhone acts as an acceptance of the Apple and third party terms and conditions included with the iPhone and which also may be reviewed by visiting iPhone voice and data plan are required for use of iPhone. An eligible data plan is required for certain devices, including iPhones and other designated Smartphones and PDAs. Eligible data plans cover data usage in the U.S. and do not cover international data usage and charges. If it is determined that customer is using an iPhone or other designated Smartphone or PDA without an eligible data plan, AT&T reserves the right to add an eligible data plan to customer account and bill customer the appropriate monthly fee.
If the activation has not been completed within [7] days after the shipment date, AT&T and Metropark will complete the activation process for customer. Customer monthly recurring charges and applicable service commitment will begin once customer’s line is activated.