Vendor Consolidation Program
Survey Questions

Thank you very much for taking a few minutes to help us determine your current communication requirements, costs, and desires.  If you know about your existing phone system, data networking, and security environment, this survey should only take a few minutes.  

There are 5 short sections for you to provide answers. You can see them listed above each page so you can bounce back & forth if needed:  

  • Company Information
  • Systems Configuration
  • Telecom Services
  • Network & Infrastructure
  • Security & Automation

None of the sections or fields are mandatory, but please fill out as much as you know, then click the lower "Next" button:

Company Info

VCP Survey ID Leave blank if unknown
Company Name:
Your Name:
Your E-mail:
How many total employees do you have?
How many locations or branch offices do you have including your Main Address HQ?

Systems Configuration

Below are questions about your current or needed communication system design. We will use these answers in determining the best system for your company and the lowest pricing, but we understand that your answers could change.

Handset Types

What is the name of the phone system or the name of the phones you use now. Lets call these your Old Phones:

Pick Your Favorite Phone Style For Your Office

Its recommended that everyone gets the same handset. Its easier if using anothers phone. But choose all the phone styles that you will need for your office:
How many phones do you have sitting on desks? Lets call these Desktop Phones:
How many phones do you have hanging on a wall? Lets call these Wall Phones:
If you need multi-button Operator Consoles, how many?
If you need Conference Room Speakerphones, how many?


If you use old fashioned fax machines now, how many?
Would you like to RECEIVE faxes in your email inbox?
Would you like to SEND faxes from your PC?

System Features

What is the maximum number of participants in a conference call needed?
Would you like to record the audio of your phone calls?
Would you like to have Call Center functionality (ACD)?
Would you like Find Me Follow Me functionality?
Would you like Hot Desking or “Log-in to any phone” capability?
Would you like to IM Text or chat with other staff/employees?
Would you like to see employee's Presence?
Would you like a Door Buzzer/Intercom?
How would you like to "Page" employees?
Would you like an Overhead Ringer/Night Bell?
Would you like a new UPS (battery backup) for your phone or network hardware?

Possession of Property

Ownership of servers or main telecom appliances:
Ownership of telephone handsets and other endpoints:

Telecom Services

Below are questions regarding your EXISTING services. You will also be asked about service enhancements or replacements to your existing services.

Office Data / Internet

What is your current Internet Data service?
What is your current Internet Bandwidth?
Describe your current Internet Bandwidth:
Do you need Analog for non-Internet data services?
Since Analog & TDM services are sun-setting, will you consider removing all analog line now?

Business Voice Services

The total amount of people who talk simultaneously on your phone system (at the same time)?
How many existing direct inward dialed numbers (DID) does your company use? (Main#, Fax#, etc)
How many Toll Free Numbers do you have?

Business Cellular Services

What Mobility platform does your company use or prefer? check all that apply
How many SmartPhones does your company provide?
How many Basic Flip phones does your company provide?
How many Tablets does your company provide?
How many HotSpots does your company provide?
How many devices are still on installments?
How much data in Gigs does your company use monthly?
How many Vehicles or Assets would you like to have tracked with a GPS Tracking system?

Network, Infrastructure & Applications

Many companies use an outside service or IT Outsourcing person to provide their network support, so answering these questions may be difficult.  But do the best you can at answering them as it will help shape our understanding of your networking requirements.  We can have a conference with your existing IT person(s) if that would be helpful:

IT Company or IT Person's name who takes care of your network:
IT Contact's Phone or Email:

Network Infrastructure

Ethernet Switches:
Data Cabling:
Wireless / WiFi :

System Applications

Company Email:
Website & Hosting:
Storage & Backups:
Software As A Service (SaaS) keeps your costs manageable with a simple monthly fee. What interests you?

Security & Automation

Many companies are gaining great benefits for bringing their security in-house including office automation. These questions help us understand what your current security and automation control is and if we can help improve it.  Keep in mind, that the large telephone companies are sun-setting the analog services that most alarm companies use today.

How many outside exit doors do you have?
How many main hallways do you have?
How many office areas that you would like Video Cameras recording?
Which would you like to have notification and control over?
If an alarm is triggered, who should the system notify?

Finally... it's over !!!
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