AT&T Fleet Complete 

AT&T Fleet Complete® from Metropark is a family of GPS-based tracking and management solutions that collect and send vital information between your operations staff, mobile workers, and fleet vehicles. AT&T Fleet Complete helps reduce your business costs, potentially increase your profits, and stay in regulatory compliance. Equip any asset you choose with a GPS device that enables two-way communication over the AT&T wireless network, by using:
  • A hardwired modem for vehicles
  • An asset tracking device for trailers and other valuable equipment
  • A smart device for mobile workers
The Fleet Complete suite includes three separate products that you can use to track and communicate with your fleet vehicles, assets, and mobile workers:
  • Fleet Tracker 
  • Asset Tracker
  • Task Tracker

Fleet Tracker

Fleet Tracker makes it possible to manage and track your fleet vehicles in real time via a modem that is installed in the vehicle. Receive critical alerts, automate driver logs and manifests, and run reports on past activity to help streamline your operating costs.
Potential Benefits
  • Decrease fuel costs by optimizing dispatch processes.
  • Lower vehicle related costs by managing excessive speeding, idling, or other aggressive driving behaviors.
  • Use the maintenance module to manage service visits and decrease unscheduled maintenance costs.
  • Decrease administrative costs by reducing manual processes and paperwork.
  • Reduce speeding fines and the costs associated with them.
  • Provide your customers with accurate arrival times.
  • Warn your customers ahead of time about unforeseen circumstances or delays.
  • Detect unauthorized use of vehicles and out-of-route activities.
  • Protect your company’s reputation by monitoring aggressive driving.
  • Improve fleet visibility with real-time location information.
  • Create invisible fences (geofences) around client or depot locations to track when vehicles enter or exit.
  • Produce flexible reports that record stops, speed, mileage, and maintenance information.
  • Add accessories to monitor temperature, instances when doors are left open, or to determine who is driving which truck, and when.


Asset Tracker

Asset Tracker allows you to track and manage high-value assets including containers, trailers, and expensive equipment that is usually left in the field.
Potential Benefits
  • Reduce the risk of lost or stolen assets.
  • Decrease the costs associated with the recovery of lost or stolen items.
  • Make the most efficient use of your assets in the field.
  • Monitor the status of your assets without having to physically check them.
  • Track and manage your valuable assets.
  • Improve asset visibility with real-time location information.
  • Create invisible fences (geofences) around areas where you want your asset to be.
  • Track assets that don’t have a power source for up to three years, based on one location transmission per day.
  • Ping work sites on demand.
  • Easy to install.
  • Weather resistant.

Task & Resource Tracker

  • Decrease fuel and vehicle maintenance costs with more efficient dispatching.
  • Reduce your use of paper and decrease your administrative and operational costs.
  • Dispatch more efficiently.
  • Update customers with accurate estimated package arrival times, without having to call the driver.
  • Respond efficiently to customer requests by dispatching the nearest or most qualified available resource.
  • Inform customers of potential delays to meet their expectations.
  • Communicate effectively with your mobile workers through the use of smartphones.
  • Access important information on the go or at the office.
  • Monitor job status, mobile resources, workflow, and job detail information, in real time and historically.
  • Manage tasks, access job details, and complete clock-in and -out timesheets using a compatible device in the field.
  • Scan barcodes to pick up and deliver the correct packages and improve billing accuracy.
  • Run reports on past activity to help streamline your operating costs.
  • GPS Tracking: Track the location of all your workers anytime with real-time GPS location tracking.
  • Two-way Communication:* Facilitate communication between operations and mobile workers.
  • Alerts: Customize alerts that notify you when critical conditions need your attention.
  • Signature Capture:* Confirm delivery with actual signatures.
  • Barcode Scanning:* Scan 1D or 2D package barcodes to ensure accurate pickup and delivery.
  • Dispatch: Know where all of your assets are and the location of the closest vehicle for the next job.
  • Reports: Analyze and optimize your operations with real-time and historical reports.
*Requires purchase of separate device.


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