Phone & Communications Upgrade

You have an old tired communication system. Trust us!! It won't last forever.  It's harder and harder to find good reliable help to service it...sounds like it may be time for an upgrade or better yet trash it. We get many calls from business owners with 10, 20, even 30 year old phone systems that are no longer working (usually as of that morning).  When you are no longer taking calls, that is not the time to find a new phone system.  Let us talk about a new upgrade or replacement path for you very soon.

Metropark will show you how easy it is. Here are a few items to consider:


Avoid Buying Too Much New Hardware

Put your new PBX in the CLOUD
Retire your old fax machine and move to Faxboxes
PBX in the Cloud means you only need to buy IP Handsets
Unified Communications can be vital for you, make sure you learn about Boomea UC

New Systems Mean New Mobility Too

New Business Cellular Services - we can find big savings (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon)
New Smartphones & Tablets
Cellular Service may need to be Boosted
New Business WiFi

New Lower Data and Networking Costs

PBX in the CLOUD relies on reliable High Speed Internet. Maybe time to look at options.
New Router/Firewall is a very important solution that should be upgraded too.

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