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Are you looking for one of the most feature-rich and user-friendly solutions on the web that combines email, cloud storage, productivity software, calendars, and more? Do you hear people talking about how great they think Google’s products are and find yourself wondering what G Suite (formerly known as “Google Apps”) is?

G Suite is Google’s answer to a number of different productivity problems facing most companies and organizations. In one suite of tools, it offers solutions for email, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation decks, shared calendars, cloud storage, and much more. It offers these solutions at an affordable entry point of $6 per month per user.


G Suite makes working together a whole lot easier. Explore what Metropark & Google make available to you:


With Gmail, Calendar and Google Hangouts, staying connected is easy!



With the Google Docs suite you can create and edit documents, presentations, and more right in your browser. Comment, chat, and edit in real-time with all members of your team no matter where they are! 



Store, access, and share your files in one secure place with Google Drive



Centralized administration makes setup and management fast and easy. Keep your company's data secure with mobile device management





Professional office suite with online apps and 30GB storage


USD / user / month


Enhanced office suite with unlimited storage and archiving


USD / user / month


Premium office suite with advanced controls and capabilities


USD / user / month










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Project Management and Installation does require some time.  If you are not well versed in Google Apps you will want to discuss the migration of your existing data and user info with a Metropark Engineer or one of our Google Business IT partners. 

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