MPVEX - Simultaneous Routing

Working with business owners for over a quarter century, Metropark has repeatedly learned that customers are more likely to get into a relationship with a company that answers their phone!!  Yep, this is not new information to you, but what is the best way to answer the phone when you are not at your desk?  MPVEX has a great solution for you and it's called Simultaneous Routing (sometimes we call it Simultaneous Ringing).
Simultaneous Routing is a surprisingly easy feature that allows you to ring multiple numbers and devices at the same time.  Imagine staying in touch with important customers who are trying to call you, while you are out to lunch, or down the hall, or on your way home.  Maybe you need to go bowling, but can't miss that important call.
Simultaneous Routing offers:
  • Flexibility to choose multiple numbers & devices
  • Mobile devices can be chosen
  • Devices at different branches can be chosen
  • First device to answer cuts off all others for privacy
  • Voicemail coverage upon no answer
  • The Dude Abides