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Wired & Wireless – An Important Combination

Wired & Wireless – An Important Combination

Business leaders today want as few roadblocks as possible when running their business. Yet, we see mismatched vendors and their biased know-it-alls create confusion, complexity, and high costs for business leaders every day. When your company’s vendors add confusion, grow complexity, and increase your costs, it’s time for you to look at new options.  

Over that past 25 years, Metropark Communications has remained a true leader in telecommunications. Our specialty is reducing complexity and confusion for our customers — this always reduces cost!
When you consider adding a group of experts to your team, make sure they have expertise in both wired and wireless carriers and platforms. Since all of your devices are connected to your network and your network is connected with the world, your trust needs to live with an experienced team who will bring all of the available options to you at one simple contact point.

One Contact Point – (Very Important)

Having one point of contact when managing wired and wireless networks is an important step towards continuity, reducing complexity, and avoiding confusion. Simplify your life by having a company like Metropark consolidate both wired and wireless networks. Check out a few of the main systems/networks that your business is likely working with or working towards. We have expertise in each!:
  • Fiber Internet – Fiber-optic communication is a method of transmitting information from one place to another by sending pulses of light through an optical fiber.
  • Coax Internet – A cable modem provides a broadband Internet connection over cable TV coax
  • Copper Internet – T1, Bonded T1, or DSL broadband delivered over conventional twisted pair telephone wire.
  • AVPN/MPLS – Multisite private networking
  • All equipment for a wired network
If you are like most business leaders, you’re expecting high bandwidth and high reliability at a lower cost. Metropark makes it easy for you to achieve exactly that! Contact our Sales team to find out how!

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