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Why You Should Move To The Cloud?

7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Move To The Cloud

Reduced Costs

Cloud providers typically charge based on the features, storage, number of users, time, or resources a company uses. With that in mind, your company can choose a package that suits your budget and requirements. The old model involved setup and ongoing maintenance of on-premise data center infrastructure. When you shift to cloud computing, you will only pay for the services procured.


Mobility has become a core component to conducting business today. Having the flexibility to work from home or any location other than your office isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity. Cloud services allow you and your employees to complete their tasks when it’s most effective or efficient for them. It also allows your clients to be cared for and managed with a much higher level service.


The traditional way of planning for growth is to purchase and keep additional servers, storage, and licenses. It may take years before you actually utilize the resources and gain a return on your investment. Scaling cloud computing services is easy. You can get additional functionality, features or storage space whenever you need them. On the flip side, you can turn off any services that may no longer be needed in the event you may need to scale back.

No Need for a Backup Plan

A cloud service provider is responsible for one thing above all else… providing a solution that is always there for your business. So making sure that your data is backed up, protected, and available is there responsibility, not yours! The savings from not having to purchase backup infrastructure, storage, emergency support, and contingency plans in the event of a disaster could save you thousands of dollars and days of a good night’s rest.

Data Security

Investing in the latest security technologies is becoming more and more expensive. Also, staying current with all of the latest security measures and policies is next to impossible. Cloud services provide highly available and redundant systems so in the event of a failure or security issue, backup systems can take over to make sure you stay in business. Not to mention, teams of security experts and analysts can provide a level of physical and virtual security just not attainable in most organizations.

A Wide Range of Options

Cloud services have wide ranges of options and features that can be tailored to your business’ needs. For instance, if you are looking for software, you will have hundreds of options from different providers. You can choose the service providers with the best features and rates for the service that your business needs.

Improved Collaboration

Cloud services like PBX in the Cloud and collaboration services like Boomea can provide a new level of communication and flexibility for individuals and teams. Users and teams can share data and collaborate on projects remotely just as easily as they can in the same location. Field workers can easily update and share real time data with employees in the office. Better communication can speed-up daily tasks, lesson errors, increase efficiency, and keep overhead costs at a minimum.