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Disconnecting Old Services

Disconnecting Old Services

If we have recently moved your Phone Numbers and/or your Domain Name away from your old legacy service provider, it means your phone calls and/or your Website and Email will no longer be working through your old service provider.

Now you will need to contact your old service provider to disconnect your old service. If your old service is not disconnected, you will run the risk of being billed by them for services you are no longer using.

This should be a simple process, but may take several months before it all works out of their accounting system. Here is why. You are typically billed for your services in advance and your usage in arrears. That means that you pay for next month’s line charges this month and you pay for last month’s usage charges this month. That means when your Phone or Web services were removed from their company, at some point in the month, you will be owed a credit from them for the amount of service you pre-paid for, but not used.  This amount typically will be seen as a credit on your “final bill” from them.  Assuming you have no hidden contracts, this process is fairly easy.

Disconnection Process:

  1.  Retrieve the last phone bill that was sent to you.
  2.  Locate the customer service number on the bill.
  3.  Locate your account number.
  4.  Call their customer service line. Instruct their representative that your company has recently moved services away from them and you need to disconnect the service.

Metropark’s VCP Team can assist you with this process, however, since we are not actual employees of your company, your legacy service provider may not disconnect the services, leaving you in their billing system for yet another billing cycle. We can all agree that this would be a bad thing.  If needed, contact your project manager or customer account manager for assistance.

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