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VCP AP Outsourcing

AP Vendor Management

Business owners and accounts payable managers throughout the United States have continually looked for easier ways to manage their telecom bills. Metropark’s AP Vendor Management Service answers the call when the desire is to accumulate, consolidate, and compensate. We take the sting away from the monthly telecom madness.

Most of your telecom service and financing vendors should be able to be consolidated into Metropark’s AP Outsourcing monthly service (check our list of participating vendors here). This will create the best situation as all invoices will be consolidated into one invoice, for much easier payment.

However, some vendors still refrain from 3rd party paying agents. If the vendor requires your company to pay them directly, Metropark will not be able to consolidate the bill into our system but we may be able to manage the relationship, just not the payment portion. This would not change the amount you need to pay each month for all your vendors, just the number of checks you need to write.

What You Need

In order to give us the ability to accumulate, consolidate, and compensate, we need to ensure the following items are completed.

   Signed Metropark’s Customer Service Agreement
   Signed Letter of Authorization on your company’s letterhead
   Enroll existing vendor accounts which redirects vendor bills to us
   Disconnect old services (when ready)

Metropark’s Vendor Consolidation Program

The VCP Overview

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 AP Escrow Outsourcing

  Taking The First Step

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