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MPVEX On Hold Marketing

Marketing on Hold (MoH)

Marketing-On-Hold (MOH) uses time spent on-hold to promote products and services directly to your caller.

It is calculated to be six to eight times easier to sell to an existing customer, which puts Metropark’s Marketing-On-Hold messages right at the core of your marketing efforts. Yes…being on-hold or lengthy transfers are part of doing business, so make it entertaining and informative.

Benefits of Marketing On-Hold Services

Marketing-On-Hold (MOH) is a direct communication channel between you and your customers. Many thousands of businesses, from small shops to the large enterprise, use marketing on-hold messages to:

  •  inform callers about new products or promotions
  •  share information to up-sell products and services
  •  share company news and events
  •  support your brand with a professional voice
  •  provide helpful information (hours/location)
  •  reduce caller hang-ups
  •  ensure your customers feel valued

Audio/Music Library (ask your rep for username/password)

MoH Script Ideas

Need help coming up with your OnHold Script?  Here are some ideas to use when creating your script: ON HOLD Script Ideas.

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