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What is a Vendor Consolidation Provider?

What is a Vendor Consolidation Provider?

A Vendor Consolidation Provider (VCP) is a licensed and bonded company who contracts directly with you to manage both services and equipment at your facility(ies). VCPs contract with multiple vendors to provide both services and products to your business, which in turn simplifies your systems and reduces your overall costs.
Companies who only provide services are typically called Managed Service Providers (MSPs). There are many MSPs popping up due to the hollowing out of traditional IT vendors by providers of ‘the cloud’, including Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Only a few seasoned, professional companies like Metropark are able to consolidate most – if not all – of the vendors needed for your business — including cloud and premised based solutions. With Metropark’s VCP, you will have one point of contact that solves those chronic issues.
VCP Pros:
  • Simplifies the network, the services, & the costs
  • Provides you with much lower telecom pricing
  • Provides project overview and management
  • Provides you simplified and consolidated billing
  • Aggregates all vendors while providing you one point of contact 
  • Provides long term availability and support
Non-VCP Cons:
  • Keeps complicated and complex solutions in place
  • Maintains legacy high-priced services
  • Time lost tracking down problems with multiple vendors
  • Navigating through a parade of ever changing telecom offerings 
  • Traversing disparate systems and legacy equipment
  • Struggling to communicate effectively with your chosen vendors who keep you stuck in the middle
We all know how easy it is to be overwhelmed by the flood of new technologies. We understand it’s safe to stay stationary, (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it) but this can cause your business to literally pay the price of holding on to the ‘old way’ of doing things. Metropark’s VCP team will help you make informed decisions and create a comprehensive communications solution that greatly simplifies how you run your business today. As a wonderful side effect, your existing monthly costs are reduced and simplified. 
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