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Support Shields

Support Shields

Metropark provides support on many products, services, and solutions.  We suggest you purchase one of our support shield plans to guarantee availability and lower costs.

In this day and age, make sure your critical assets have an expert support shield from headaches and catastrophes when the worst hits.  Our support shields also lower or completely eliminate our non-contract support rate of $225/hr with one hour minimum and per fractional hour after the first hour.

Multi-Vendor Managed Services

Vendor Consolidation Program is very popular for any company who has multiple vendors, multiple services providers, and multiple equipment vendors. This program provides for an all-encompassing support team to work with all chosen vendors to reach on-going issue resolutions. (VCP Priority Shield)

Equipment Support Protection


Bronze Support Shield is a perfect low cost support plan for the small business or very savvy IT personnel who just need a little help from time to time.

Silver Support Shield is our most popular support plan which covers almost everything and yet very affordable.


Gold Support Shield is for critical businesses and organizations who consider up-time and limiting issues a must. 

Platinum Support Shield is for high utilized telephony users such as call centers or emergency providers.


Shield PLUS is a support add-on to the above Shield Plans which covers additional support items for switches, routers, firewalls, etc.

 Support Shield Comparison PDF