Single-Site Businesses

A business with one location is extra special and very important as everything, for the most part, is physically located on site.  Having one location also means that there exists a single point of failure should outages or disasters occur.  At Metropark, we’ve identified all of these potential catastrophes and have deployed multiple measures to keep the richness of features and avoid any down time for your business. 


PBX in the CLOUD to avoid the single point of failure
Disaster Avoidance because you want to avoid them not just recover
IP Handsets for office and remote workers
Simultaneous Routing to reach your staff where ever they are
ACD Call Center for times when your staff is low but your calls are high
New Business Cellular Services (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon)
Data and Networking 
New Router/Firewall sized correctly
Back Office
Business Software such as CRM or ERP
Consolidated Billing to have one place to go for everything

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