Non-Profit Organizations

The secret is out…non-profit organizations don’t always have the extra funding to deploy the best communications. But Metropark has found working with non-profits to be very inspiring. Through delivering simplified communications over existing broadband services, we have greatly increased their features and even “lowered” their monthly costs. That is very exciting for the non-profit industry!

Through our Vendor Consolidation Program, non-profits can receive brand new hardware and new telecom services at or below their current monthly communications budgets.  This is extremely helpful when needing new systems, but the capital budgets are not as available as you’d like. The time to change and save is now. 
PBX in the CLOUD to avoid the single point of failure
NIMBUS Softphone for apple and android phones and tablets
Disaster Avoidance because you want to avoid them not just recover
IP Handsets for office and remote workers
Simultaneous Routing to reach your staff where ever they are
Find Me Follow Me makes those callers get to the right person when not in the office
New Business Cellular Services (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon)
Data and Networking 
New Router/Firewall sized correctly
Back Office
Business Software such as CRM or ERP
Consolidated Billing to have one place to go for everything



Case Studies 

Comtrea Community Treatment

Hanover Safe Place


Check out more Case Studies here


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